Vision,Mission & Methods


A country that is free of preventable suffering and premature death from non communicable diseases such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, mental disease and cancer.

To work with communities and physicians across India to develop sustainable models of delivering care for non communicable diseases (NCDs),  to test these models by research and to make available our experience to others by publications, training and consultancy.

1. Conducting research to develop community based models of delivering care for non communicable diseases, focussed on community health workers and physician education.
2. Providing community based care for Noncommunicable diseases.
3. Setting up training programs for community health workers who specialise in care for non communicable disease.
4. Working closely with physicians in the private and public sector to enhance physician education and to augment their capacity for providing quality care.
5. Developing a strong drug supply chain through community health workers that can deliver high quality drugs for NCDs at a lower cost, and utilise the advantages of a closed pharmacy system.
6. Partnering with other organisations to achieve scaling up of interventions that have the capacity to achieve our mission.